Flackwell Heath and Loudwater Local History Group

This newly formed local history group for residents of Flackwell Heath and Loudwater, in Buckinghamshire, aims to promote an interest in our history and to foster a sense of community.

Our objectives are:

  • To conduct research into aspects of the history and life in the communities of Flackwell Heath and Loudwater
  • To hold exhibitions on subjects of historical and topical interest
  • To conduct community projects on the history of Flackwell Heath, Loudwater and their environs and related subjects of local and community interest
  • To liaise with schools and other local interest groups to provide information on the history of Flackwell Heath, Loudwater and area
  • To support Flackwell Heath and Loudwater Community Library in preserving records and sources of information on the history of the locality
  • To organise talks, seminars and workshops on local history.
  • To find out more about our activities please use the links below:

    For a visual history of our villages go to Flackwell folk: www.galaxypix.com/Sally/Flackwellfolk/
    Loudwater lea: www.galaxypix.com/Sally/Loudwaterlea/
    Both these sites are still developing and need your memories and stories to add under the Learn More buttons.

    For 'Then and Now' images of the area click here

    Forthcoming events

    Events Schedule February and March 2015
    (For all enquiries please contact the Flackwell Heath Community Library, Chapel Road, Flackwell Heath)

    We were unable to organise a Fact Finding Forum for January due to a lack of available dates when both the library and the Local History Group were free. However, we have been spending our time on locating old maps of Loudwater and stories of the area which we hope we can develop into a local history website for Loudwater/Knaves Beech/Upper Marsh. Come and tell us your memories of this area and find out more about this project at the February Fact Finding Forum, see below.

    Fact Finding Forum at the Flackwell Heath Community Library
    Tuesday 17th February 2014, 7.15pm

    Developing our investigations into Loudwater and Flackwell Heath in pre and post Victorian times. We will have old maps of Flackwell Heath and Loudwater available for you to look at. Come and find out more about our new website on Loudwater's history.
    Everyone is welcome. FREE entry.

    Over a Hundred Years of Local Railway History - a repeat talk for those of you unable to get tickets for our popular January event.
    Wednesday, 25th February, 2015, 7.30 pm at Flackwell Heath Community Library
    During the evening different speakers will look at how the railway lines from High Wycombe were developed and will consider some of the people who worked on them. The main line to London and the Branch line through Loudwater, Wooburn and Bourne End to Maidenhead hold a wealth of local information. See our poster here.
    Tickets from the Library £5 (£3 to FFHCL)

    Early Schooling in Flackwell & Loudwater
    Monday, 16th March, 2015, 7.30 pm at Flackwell Heath Community Library

    Do you remember your first few years at school? The school children of today have technology at their fingertips. How different this is to the school years of our youth. If we were to go back to the 1800s, where our talk begins, schooling would have been very different indeed.
    Mike Dewey will present the history of the early schools in the two villages from the early 1800s up to the 1940s. The research is from a number of sources including newspapers, and original school documents.
    During this illustrated talk, using photographs and images from the original logbooks and registers, Mike will consider:
    How schooling moved from a local to a national issue
    The problems involved in establishing the two national schools
    Staffing at the schools
    The schools in the Great War and WW2

    Jane Dunsterville will role play reminiscences from some of the villagers recalling their time at the two Victorian schools.

    If you were a pupil at either school and are able to come along to share your memories and/or school photographs you will be most welcome.

    Tickets from the Flackwell Heath Community Library £5 (£3 to Friends of the FHCL)
    (Please note this is a ticket only event and tickets will not be available at the door)

    If you would like to share information in advance of any of our talks we would love to hear from you: click here

    The “Trace your family history” help sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A full list of dates and times are on display at the Library.

    Previous events
    Women on the Home Front
    Glory Mill - Walk and Talk
    The History of paper-making talk
    Our World at War - Little Marlow Cemetery tour
    To Boldly Glow - History of glow worms in the area
    Assistance at Tell Them of Us, WW1 Cemetery Tour, High Wycombe Glory Mill - Walk and Talk
    Our Villages in the Great War
    Then and Now - Fennels Wood a changing story

    Fund raising Quiz Night
    The history of Windsor Chairs
    A virtual tour of the surrounding area - SWOP
    Open evening - house histories and Glory Mill
    The Times of their Lives - Little Marlow Cemetery tour
    Lace Making presentation
    Walk for National Mills Weekend
    Silt Road - the Wye
    Farming in Flackwell Heath
    Our research on the Machine Riots

    The Machine Riots of 1830
    Open evening - sharing the past
    Jubilee Exhibition
    Community Library Opening - History Display

    To contact the group, please click here

    Our Research Projects

    Members of the Local History Group have wide ranging interests, from transport to houses, and places to people. To find out more about our research projects please click below:
    Our research projects

    Local War Memorials
    The Local History Group has now published its research into the soldiers who are named on the Flackwell Heath War Memorial. Their research into the Loudwater names is still continuing and will be published in due course. Our up-to-the-minute research on both these war memorials can also be found on this website tinyurl.com/warmemorials which is still a work in progress as more information becomes available.

    We are now embarking on a collaborative project with students from the Flackwell Heath campus of Amersham and Wycombe College who are also investigating the names on the Flackwell Heath memorial. This continuing work will complement the memorial research in several ways: by studying the war diaries of the regiments in which the soldiers served and by the collection of memories and memorabilia from descendants of the soldiers. Do click here if you have anything to offer this project.

    Remember to pick up a Walks Guide Sheet this winter
    The Local History Group wish to encourage you to get out and discover some local views and the history under our feet. Jane Dunsterville has devised three circular walks in and around Flackwell Heath that are available from the Library. Pick up your Guide Sheet and discover an old trade route, the road that is named after a local merchant and the Old Wharf at Little Marlow.
    Walks are entitled:
    Fennels Wood
    Down on the Farm
    Golf links Loop

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